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Remediation can be considered away of appropriating media and transforming it into a new form of media. This can vary and rang from video, film, paint, drawing, etc. to create a new media. Remediation was a term written about by Jay Bolter & Richard to define how one media can influence another,thus  changing its identity. for a further understanding of remediation  William kentridge work is a great example of the idea of remediation. His work is the active process of stop motions, drawing and removal to create animation.

Convergent culture

Convergent culture
convergence culture can be described as the flow of content across multiple media platforms. What this means is when any content can be transferred and transformed from books, film, games, products, etc. into new media. In the article “Worship at the Altar of Convergence” by  Henry Jenkins, he uses the example of fictional characters was being used in a collage with Real people which then was used in anti- American posters, and broadcastings.
This is an example of convergence culture. There are many other examples in our everyday  lives. Comic books/ graphic novels or books that are  made into movies and video games. Our phones have experience the phenomenon of convergence culture, moving from a device meant purely for calls, into text then web browsing, then Apps on our phones we use everyday. Convergence culture impact our every day lives constantly, and will continue because of advancements in the communication and transfer of information

the goal of this project is to investigate identity and idealism in a creative and playful manner, by allowing audience members to describe themselves in any fashion they chose and turning what they say into a characterization.

this project will be a blind of traditional art and digital with the use of video, digital photography and drawing, with graphite drawings.


Online identity

This is a reading that highlights the do and don’t of the world of online networking. This is a necessary article for people who don’t instant how to properly use social networking and other sites. The article points out things like making sure you consider who views your online account and post wisely; things that are posted on the Internet, in most cases, are permanent; make sure you know what you are posting; and if you post private info be sure it’s view by people your sure you want to share the information with.